Sexually Abused as Children Attorney in Connecticut

Considering the legal rights of people who have suffered from sexual abuse, Connecticut is one of the most enlightened states in the nation. In Connecticut, people age 48 and younger who were sexually abused much earlier in life can still file civil lawsuits against the person responsible for the abuse.

The state recognizes that children may repress memories associated with sexual abuse, and then recover these memories later in life when they're strong enough to cope with the trauma. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, child victims may only begin to connect psychological distress to sexual abuse during counseling. Until they undergo therapy, many victims may not even realize they've been abused.

Helping Survivors to Heal

Swerdloff & Swerdloff is experienced in representing victims who were sexually abused by trusted individuals – teachers, family members, family friends, neighbors, step-parents, grandparents, doctors, coaches and clergymen, to name a few – and were often left unprotected by institutions employing abusers. We help victims to hold their abusers accountable for heinous acts.

Our attorneys will aggressively pursue civil court judgments on behalf of survivors of sexual abuse, including those who were abused as children and are now adults.

We are well acquainted with the issues concerning civil claims of sexual abuse and can help you to recover maximum financial compensation for your damages. These damages can include the cost of medical bills and treatment, past and future therapy, pain and suffering, as well as damages for emotional, psychological and physical injuries stemming from the abuse.

Combined Experience of 70 Years

Mark Swerdloff

For more than 35 years, Attorney Mark H. Swerdloff has been practicing law in Connecticut. His practice focuses on representing people in family law cases, victims of sexual abuse and victims of legal malpractice. He has successfully negotiated and litigated cases in every district of the State of Connecticut as well as represented survivors of sexual abuse in claims against abusers and institutions that failed to protect victims. In one case, as a result of his professional and vigorous representation, the victim was awarded a judgment of $12.5 million dollars which was, at that time, the largest judgment ever awarded in such a case in the state of Connecticut.

Ileen Swerdloff

Experienced family lawyer Ileen P. Swerdloff (retired) has developed an active criminal and civil litigation practice over the course of 35 years. Entering the legal field in 1979, she is one of the first women lawyers in Connecticut to develop an active court practice at a time when this was primarily limited to men. Her practice focuses on Family Law including but not limited to issues regarding child support, child custody, property division, debt allocation and alimony. She is a member in good standing of the Connecticut Bar Association and the Hartford County Bar Association. In addition to statewide practice, Swerdloff is also admitted to practice in the United States Supreme Court and the United States District Court, District of Connecticut.