What to Expect in a Lawsuit Based on Childhood Sexual Assault

We conduct a detailed interview with every new client. During this initial interview, we will want to hear about what happened to you and collect information. Depending on your issues, the length of the initial interview can vary.

It is important for us to understand the details about what happened to our client as a child. If an adult client has repressed memories of molestation in the past, we also need to know how you recovered those memories.

Our attorneys then review the specific facts of your case to search for potentially liable parties – including the abuser and any institutions that knew about the abuse but failed to stop it. Depending on how the case proceeds, our client may need to undergo an independent medical exam, including a psychiatric examination.

During each step in the process, our attorneys make sure that you understand your legal options, the next steps in the process, and your rights to be protected as the case proceeds.

What to Expect from Your Attorney

  • Communication

    Trust is the foundation of a relationship with a person whom you employ to work for you. When discussing the details of your case with your attorney, you should feel a level of comfort and ease. The communication between you and your attorney should be open and trusting.

    Your attorney is required to maintain confidentiality regarding what is discussed.

  • Full Information

    Your attorney should keep you fully informed at every step regarding your case. We will maintain contact with you, delivering detailed reports on developments in your case. These reports provide an accounting of what was accomplished and the time spent.

  • Honoring Your Decisions

    As your attorneys, our role is to provide sound advice as well as to help you to understand your legal options. The decisions concerning your case are yours only. It's your decision as to whether you go to trial or settle. Then, we will fully evaluate your options with you. We will support and honor your decisions.

  • Commitment

    When we accept your case, our commitment is only to you. As your attorneys, we do not work for your opposition even on matters that are not relevant to your case.